Uruguay has superior farmland equal to almost any in the world. Prices are 25-40% of equivalent US farmland. Uruguay double crops and has sufficient annual rainfall, generally not requiring irrigation.



Stable Political Environment

Uruguay is ranked equal with US and Chile for safety, political transparency and economic freedom

No restrictions on foreign direct freehold ownership of farmland

High level of protection of property rights and efficient legislature with no corruption, and a solid record of governance as a Republic effectively protecting rule of law


Excellent Natural Resources

Two growing seasons

Ample water from average 42-45” per year rainfall (Limits need for irrigation)

Rich, fertile farmlands created by the massive Rio de la Plata drainage basin

9.4% of GDP is agriculture

Good Farming Infrastructure

Well developed produce market, transportation infrastructure and deep water ports

Local firms offer highly experienced agricultural management & skilled workers

Superior expertise in farm brokerage, legal & tax guidance

Good Value for Farmlands

Uruguayan farm land on average is 25% - 40% the cost of equivalent US farmlands

Brazil, Argentina & United States have 40% higher corporate taxation